The Wind in the Willows
Adapted from the book by Kenneth Grahame by Mollie Guilfoyle

The London Classic Theatre Company
Solent Peoples Theatre, 29 November 1993 - 22 January 1994
Directed by Mollie Guilfoyle

It was fantastic to work with Mollie Guilfoyle at the now-defunct Solent Peoples Theatre. Her focus on character, and her idiosyncratic rehearsals made the whole process a joy. It was also lovely to work with the wonderful Frances Lynch again, who had created the music for No. 3 Pied Piper Street. I can't say I enjoyed the rubber balaclava-style masks, but then...

"Richard Stemp is a marvellously crusty old Badger."
Southampton Advertiser, January 5, 1994

"Richard Stemp, as Badger, maintained the high quality of the whole company. His diction was perfection, as were his co-actors. He also found time to double, as the Sea Faring Rat."
— January 20, 1994

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