Unsex Me Here!
By Nigel Fairs

368 Theatre Company
Directed by Nigel Fairs

Nigel has a knack of writing for me which is uncanny, and this was a joy. In the first of four loosely connected monologues I was given the wonderful opportunity of travelling from complete idiocy to genuine psychotic madness. It is a partly autobiographical account of a failing acting career, and as such is genuinely felt. The situation though is completely imaginary, as the character, Ben, is an out of work actor reduced to performing at children's birthday parties as a giant rabbit who becomes possessed with the spirit of Lady Macbeth.

"Richard Stemp stole our sympathies as Ben, the failed actor turned children's performer. His bitter disappointment with life was gently touching and his savage desire for a final burst of fame both chilling and believable."
Brighton Argus, May 17, 2000

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