By Martin Duncan and Judith Weir

Music for Life
The Royal Festival Hall, 7 June 1992
Directed by Martin Duncan

Judith Weir had somehow remembered that I play the flute, and asked me along to do so on the basis that many people taking part in were doing something different to usual - actors playing, directors acting and so on. It was a unique experience - for one day only - and felt like being an exhibit in a shop belonging to a slightly crazed toymaker. As the Times review says, 'in effect ten mini-operas by Weir' based on 'texts' by Martin Duncan, my piece was called Titus Andronicus with a plank. If anyone happens to know the name of the woman just next to me in the photo a mystery will finally be solved…

"But the highlight for me was the premiere of 'The Small Moments (in Life)', a collaboration between Judith Weir and Martin Duncan, high priest of performance art. Lasting barely 15 minutes (and repeated at intervals), this was in effect ten mini-operas by Weir, with titles such as 'Emily Pankhurst Hypnotises Her Sister' and 'Don Giovanni up a Ladder' performed simultaneously, while the peripatetic audience was prodded from one to the next by acolytes with their heads in paper bags. This was a little miracle of wit, yet at the same time rather more than that, a happening of infinite mystery and substance. It must be repeated, somehow, somewhere."
The Times, June 10, 1992

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