Treasure Island
Adapted from the book by Robert Louis Stevenson by Chris Pickles and the Company

Hidden Pearl/King’s Head
13 December 2007- 13 January 2008
Directed by Chris Pickles

The five weeks we spent devising and rehearsing this show must class as the best fun I’ve ever had. Given remarkable freedom to do whatever we liked – always starting from the words spoken in Stevenson’s book – we managed to weave together a wonderfully mad and frantic show that referenced every major comedy style of recent years, and also the book!

Losing Philippe Spall the night before we opened was the worst thing that happened – but a week later and on only 5 days of rehearsal Asa Joel helped us to get the show on the road – or rather, the astonishingly small stage. Trying to cover everything with just four actors was the real joy, and led to many moments of true theatrical lunacy.

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