No. 3 Pied Piper Street
By Cheryl Moskowitz and Vocem

Quicksilver Theatre for Children in association with Vocem Electric Voice Theatre
National tour, 21 October - 13 November 1992
Midlands Arts Centre, 24 November 1992 - 9 January 1993
Directed by Guy Holland

This was my first job after leaving the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts - I'd seen the ad in The Stage and realised 'that's my job'. It was a fantastically complex piece of music theatre, with a wonderfully rich script by Cheryl Moscowitz and an evocative, challenging and rewarding score by Vocem Electric Voice Theatre under the brilliant direction of Frances Lynch.

A sequel to the original Pied Piper story, I played Luke, the only boy not to have left the Pied Piper's cave as he had no family to go back to. Although supposed to be the Piper's apprentice, he spent his time imagining himself as a bird, not realising that he really wanted to be free.

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