Julius Caesar
By William Shakespeare

Galleon Theatre Company
The Prince Theatre, 19 August - 7 September 1997
Directed by Bruce Jamieson

Bruce Jamieson set this production in a non-specific location, which is either a club or an abattoir - 'Caesar's - Family Butcher', I suppose. Affectionately nicknamed 'Reservoir Togas', it worked well, and Cassius is one of the characters I'm still very proud of.

"The place is Caesar's seedy night club, with fine performances from Andy Hawthorne as the doomed emperor, Richard Burnip as Mark Antony and Richard Stemp's showing stealing interpretation as Cassius."
Barking and Dagenham Post, August 27, 1997

"Excellent performances are given by the cast but the cold calculating Cassius played by Richard Stemp, Andy Hawthorne's Caesar and Richard Burnip's Mark Antony have the edge overall."
Showtime, August 28, 1997

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