The Caretaker (2004)
By Harold Pinter

London Classic Theatre
Tour of Britain and Ireland, 15 September - 26 November 2004
Directed by Michael Cabot

I first saw the Caretaker in about 1981 with Warren Mitchell in the title role, and have wanted to be in it ever since. This was a fantastic job – a great play, a great part, wonderful production, great cast, fantastic design… Given the choice I’d still be doing it now! I had seen both Benjamin Warren and Nicholas Gasson before in other productions by London Classic, and it was great to be working with Michael Cabot again after The Game of Love and Chance and The Power of Love, both very happy shows.

"Director Michael Cabot instils the right balance of tension, confusion and humour into the production and is well served by his actors. Nicholas Gasson is an ideal stinking reprobate, chinless, constantly blinking and open-mouthed; Richard Stemp makes a touchingly gentle, troubled Aston; and Benjamin Warren sparks as the cocky, menacing Mick. Geraldine Bunzl’s cluttered two-tier set is perfect for the piece."
— Alan King, Bristol Evening Post

"Richard Stemp… the excellent, damaged, Aston."
— Philip Horton, Bath Chronicle

"The role of Aston is notoriously difficult. Weakness is difficult to do without descending into the maudlin. Richard Stemp was tentatively believable and his long monologue at the end of the first half was beautifully judged."
— Peter Lewis, Hexham Courant

"The most impressive part of the play is the monologue by Aston in which he tells how he was tortured with electric shocks when he was younger."
— Gary Flockhart, Edinburgh Evening News

"Richard Stemp… has us wondering what might lie behind Aston’s plodding and dim exterior, and peels away the layers to an unexpected climax… Uncanny, unrelenting, and grimly humorous, The Caretaker is captivating stuff."
— Emma Slawinski,

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