Cloud Nine
By Caryl Churchill

Theatre Magenta
The White Bear, 31 March - 19 April 1998
Directed by Janet Gill

This is a fantastic play and a great opportunity for anybody involved - there is a tendency to get typecast as an actor, but all boundaries are broken here - where else could you play a Victorian bigot, a four-year-old girl and a dead, foul-mouthed soldier? And it got me what are still some of my best reviews!

"Richard Stemp, whose sterling caricature of Clive enlivens the first half, steals the limelight as the outsized little daughter of Lin, Victoria's lesbian lover."
Time Out, April 8-15, 1998

"Tony Godden and Richard Stemp shine particularly brightly?c the latter turns in three utterly contrasting performances as a stiff-upper-lip English colonial, the foul-mouthed ghost of a boy soldier killed in Northern Ireland and, most memorably, a fussy little girl. Given the physical size of this strapping young actor, who towers over his stage mother, the last is a particularly impressive achievement."
What's On, April 8, 1998

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