As You Like It
By William Shakespeare

National open-air tour, 3 June - 21 August 1993
Directed by Oliver Gray

On Shakespeare's birthday I had seen a group of five German actors, all male, perform a fantastic version of The Merry Wives of Windsor at The Globe - which in 1993 was little more than the foundations. This was exactly the work I wanted to be doing, and when I heard about Illyria's production of As You Like It the following week it seemed like a sign. It was everything I had hoped, and although I only got to perform three characters, at least one of them was an amalgamation of every one-line character in the show, the well-known Sundry Lords. I would say that we performed in all weather, but it never actually snowed - heavy rain and thick fog were the worst it got. And it is the only production I have done when performances were interrupted by a helicopter, hot air balloons, and water-skiing.

"The fresh air always does something for Shakespeare. The players have a gusto that suits the period and the audience is more relaxed... And these five players are superb... all five become 20-plus with verve and skill. Among their many parts, Billie Reynolds makes an alluring Rosalind... Richard Stemp a rousing Orlando..."
Torquay Herald Express, June 9, 1993

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