Film & TV  
TIP TOP TAP [Viral] The Gentleman Dothegreenthing Michael Wright
Tooth and Claw [Short Film] Sir Robert McLeish BU Prods. Andrew Ireland
Diversity Dilemmas [Interactive DVD] Simon Veredus Andrew Hall
Terminated! [Short Film] The Terminator BBC Film Club Neil Ryan
The Travelling Companion [Feature Film] Richard Bournemouth Media Andrew Ireland
Ten Times Tougher [Test Ad] Reluctant Paintballer Flynn Prods. Ben Ib
Hidden Voices Still Life [Training Film] Mark Survivors UK Martyn Terry Sullivan
Straight to Your Head [Test Ad, VW Golf] Haircut Victim Solar Prods. Mark Murphy
Tate Modern [TV] Narrator/Presenter Channel 4 Meredith Chambers
Oxford Cowboy [Short Film] Interviewer (Peter) Cowboy Films Cath Gulick
Art at the National Gallery [TV] Presenter Channel 4 Phil Stebbings
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